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International Award-Winning Book

Are you concerned about your memory?

Do you forget recently learnt information or previously acquired skills?

Are you simply looking to improve your memory?

Then 'Smart Brain Healthy Brain'  can help you.


is an International Award-winning Book, winning Silver Medal in the

'Living Now' Book Awards (USA) Health/Wellbeing  ... and

has been selected by Amazon.com as one of the

'Best Books of the Month'



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 About the Book

The amazing results of Louise’s studies have been compacted into this 5 Step Guide that will enable you to improve your overall brain health and also address those occasional memory lapses that may occur in yourself or loved ones.

Based on nine years of research, 'Smart Brain, Healthy Brain' is packed with practical, easy to follow information.

The knowledge imparted in 'Smart Brain, Healthy Brain' will help you if
  • You are getting a little forgetful and want to improve your memory and brain health;
  • You are concerned about your own memory due to a family history of dementia;
  • You have a family member who has been diagnosed with Younger Onset Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Why did Louise write this book?

Louise's mother, Alice, suffered with Alzheimer’s disease for many years. The personal experience has given Louise a deep understanding of the devastation caused by this disease.

Louise was told by doctors at that time it was hereditary and that she may have a chance of getting it herself. Spurred on by this shock, Louise researched everything she could about Alzheimer’s disease to find what can be done to possibly avoid or prevent this from happening to her. Louise co-wrote a research paper in 2003, on Alzheimer’s Disease, a copy of which is in the Dementia Australia library in Sydney.

Louise has been researching memory problems and their causes over the past decade, to find the answers so many are looking for. All this information has been backed up by medical and scientific research studies and put together in her first book 'Smart Brain Healthy Brain'. 


Natalie Williams, The Senior Newspaper

'Smart Brain, Healthy Brain' is one of those little books you pick up to flick through, but end up totally engrossed in. It is not so much a book about Alzheimer’s disease, but a handbook to guide you on caring for what is arguably your body’s most important organ – the brain. It is a book that may just set you on the right path to a happy, healthy brain for the rest of your life.

Stephen Clarke, Australian Traditional Medicine Society Journal

'Smart Brain, Healthy Brain' is a rich store of evidence-based information on memory loss, its causes and its prevention, presented in clear and literate language and with a balance between simplicity and depth that should make it equally valuable to the general public and health professionals.

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