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How to Improve your Mood, Memory & Brain Health

Discover the many Causes of Mood and Memory Problems and find out the steps you can take to make a positive improvement in your memory and mood now.

This proactive Workshop will give you useful tips, ideas and information to help you to care your brain health starting from today.

It will help you

  • If you are wanting to learn how to improve your Mood, Memory and Brain Health
  • If you or a friend or family are affected by Anxiety, Depression or other mood problems

Topics covered in this Workshop are :

  • Medical Causes of Memory Problems
  • Lifestyle Causes of Memory Problems
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Prevention
  • Lifestyle

Once you learn about some of the causes and what steps you can take, it will be easier to be able to improve your memory and brain health. Start taking action now!

You can book this Workshop to come to your Office, Business, Library, Retirement Village or Community Centre within the Sydney area. Click here to make a booking for this Workshop

After the Workshop:

If you feel you would like to have extra help and support to identify the Cause of your Memory and/or Mood Problems and improve your Memory, then The Smart Brain PREVENTION Program is the next step to take after completing this Workshop.

The Smart Brain PREVENTION Program is a comprehensive one-on-one Program, which has been developed to identify the cause of your Mood and/or Memory problem and to provide a Treatment Solution specifically for you.


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Smart Brain Healthy Brain


The amazing results of Louise’s studies have been compacted into this 5 Step Guide that will enable you to improve your overall brain health and also address those occasional memory lapses that may occur in yourself or loved ones. Based on nine years of research, “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain” is packed with practical, easy to follow information.

Know More About Book

Louise Hallinan


Louise Hallinan is the International Award-winning Author of the book “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain”, and a fully qualified and accredited Natural Health Practitioner. Louise has recently been awarded “Highly Commended for Practitioner of the Year” in the ATMS and Nature & Health Awards 2016, as recognition of her work by the Natural Health Industry.


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