Hills Wellness Expo

February 21, 2020

Wellness as we Age Seminar

August 4, 2019

Please join us for an informative morning to hear the following Wellness Professionals: "The Foods to Avoid that will Improve your Memory" -  Louise Hallinan, Smart Brain Health Centre, "Salt Therapy, Helping You to Live, Sleep and Breathe Better" - Robyn Miller, Salts of the Earth "Active Ageing" - Sanjay Gup...

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5 Steps to Improve your Mood and Memory

May 26, 2018

14 Darling Drive, Sydney. Entry Via Hall 4, Level 2 Seminar Room
Discover the many Causes of Mood and Memory Problems and find out the steps you can take to make a positive improvement in your memory and mood now. This proactive Workshop will give you useful tips, ideas and information to help you to care your brain health starting from today. Look forward to seeing you there!!

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“Mums in Business” Online Summit

November 14, 2017

Do you sometimes feel stretched in all directions, trying to be all things to all people? You are not alone, Countless mothers feel like you do and feel helpless to change. There are solutions you know. Join our free online summit to learn from other women, 11 experts in their field and mothers in business. Starting on Tuesday, 14th November, there will be 3 speakers on each day, includi...

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Foods to Improve your Mood and Memory

October 26, 2017

Learn about how the foods you eat affect your Mood and Memory. Find out some of the causes of Anxiety and Depression that will surprise you, and what you can do about it yourself. Take charge of your own health and learn about the great foods that can improve your mood and memory. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Hidden Causes of Memory Problems

August 30, 2017

Your Health Investment : $25.00
More people than ever before are experiencing poor focus and concentration and foggy thinking. This can affect your career and life and may get worse over time if nothing is done about it. Through my research, I have found that Memory Problems are one of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease o...

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