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Are you concerned about your memory or brain health?

Did you know that some foods you eat may have an adverse effect on your memory?

One possible reason why you are getting forgetful may relate to the foods you eat.

The Nutrition & Brain Health Review Heath has been specifically designed to help you to improve your memory & brain health.

A comprehensive review of the foods you eat, your daily diet, a case history of your overall health, daily routine, food habits and the foods you eat are completed.

This Review is recommended if you are experiencing the following:

  • Stress, Anxiety or Depression?
  • Concerned about your memory?
  • Concerned about your parent's memory?
  • Concerned about your memory due to a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia?

The Foods You Need To Eat ...

It is also important that our daily nutrition should include foods that are good for our brain.

If we are eating the wrong foods that affect our mental health and memory, and not eat the good foods for our brain health, then, this is one of the reasons why our brain is struggling to keep healthy.

Do the foods we eat really affect our memory, mental health and brain health?

Most definitely ...yes.

Many people are not aware of the power and benefits of good food, and the flip side of how detrimental packaged and processed foods are to our memory, mental health and brain health.

So, it's time you found out for yourself, what to avoid and what you can eat.

What does the Nutrition & Brain Health Review include?


You will be emailed a comprehensive Questionnaire to complete and return. If you have copies of any blood tests, these would also need to be emailed back to us.

Once we have received this initial information, we will contact you to book in your Initial Appointment.


Initial Appointment

We will take a thorough case history of your overall health, your daily routine, food habits and the foods you eat. A stocktake of your pantry is recommended to check out the packaged foods you consume regularly.

Completed Review

We then analyse the information from your Initial consultation, completed Questionnaire & blood tests.You will receive your Nutrition & Brain Health Review with recommendations you can implement and integrate into your daily routine. In time, you will notice the improvement in your memory, mental health and brain health.

Get Started!

So now you have your Nutrition & Brain Health Review, it's time to get started. You will receive links and handouts to help you with making these changes and will also recommend specific high quality nutritional supplements you may need as a result of your Review.

The Nutrition & Brain Health Review

Your investment for the Nutrition & Brain Health Review comprises of your Initial 90 Minute Online Health Consultation, an Analysis of your present nutritional status and your individualised Nutrition & Brain Health Review is only $197.00.

I look forward to being able to help guide you towards eating the best brain foods and improve your memory, mental health & brain health for the future.

We shall be in contact with you shortly to book a time for your Initial 90 Minute Online Health Consultation.


About Louise

Louise Hallinan is the Founder of the Smart Brain Health Centre, International Award-winning Author of the book 'Smart Brain Healthy Brain'. She is also a fully qualified and accredited Natural Medicine Practitioner and has been working in the health industry for over 18 years. Louise has been awarded “Highly Commended for Practitioner of the Year” in the ATMS and Nature & Health Awards 2016, as recognition of her work by the Natural Health Industry.

Her mother, Alice, suffered with Alzheimer’s disease for many years. The personal experience has given Louise a deep understanding of the devastation caused by this disease. Louise was told by doctors at that time it was hereditary and that she may have a chance of getting it herself. Spurred on by this shock, Louise researched everything she could about Alzheimer’s disease to find what can be done to possibly avoid or prevent this from happening to her. Louise co-wrote a research paper in 2003 about Alzheimer’s Disease, a copy of which is in the Dementia Australia Library in Sydney.

Louise has been researching memory problems and their causes over the past decade, to find the answers so many are looking for. All this information has been backed up by medical and scientific research studies and put together in her first book 'Smart Brain Healthy Brain'.

Dementia Australia has welcomed 'Smart Brain, Healthy Brain' by having copies available in each of their branch Libraries.