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Dementia Wellbeing Services is a unique specialised service that is designed to improve and enhance the quality of life for your loved one.

It appears that once there is a diagnosis of Younger Onset Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia, that there is nothing more that can be done to help.

Do you give up on your loved one when they have been diagnosed with Younger Onset Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia because you are told that there is nothing more you can do?

There is so much you can do to help

I believe there is so much more that could be done to improve the health and quality of life of your loved one that is not being done or even talked about.

  • Does you loved one have any physical health conditions?
  • If so, what other health conditions do they have?
  • Are they taking any medications for these conditions?
  • When was the last time they had a medical checkup and blood tests done?
  • Are they living on their own?
  • If so, how are they managing with their daily diet?
  • Are they living on bread and biscuits or are they eating good healthy brain foods?
  • Are they getting regular physical exercise?

These are just a few of the questions that we ask to find out how your loved one's life can be improved, even though they may have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, Younger Onset Dementia  or Dementia.

Once diagnosed, health should not be neglected

Many people since being diagnosed, have had their overall health neglected because their partner or carer has not been informed about what they could do or how they could help their loved one. This is when their health deteriorates over time and they may end up going into a nursing home.


We conduct a thorough Review of your loved one's health history, physical health and mental health, daily diet, medications and/or supplements taken, daily habits, routines and lifestyle.

Getting started:

  • You will receive a Dementia Wellbeing Questionnaire to be completed prior to your Initial Consultation.
  • Copies of your loved one's blood tests are also required and these are to be emailed back to us together with your completed Questionnaire.
  • Once these have been received, we will book in your Initial Consultation - 60 Minutes, which will be held Online.
  • After your Initial Consultation and an analysis is completed, you will receive your Dementia Wellbeing Review.
  • A Follow-up Consultation will be held one week after you have received your Dementia Wellbeing Review. This is important in order to discuss how you are managing the changes and adjustments recommended in the Review.


What does the Dementia Wellbeing Review include?

  • 1 x Initial Consultation - 60 Minutes
  • 1 x Extended Follow-up Consultation - 45 Minutes
  •  Your Dementia Wellbeing Review including Nutritional advice and handouts.

Your Investment:  $297 payable at the time of your booking via credit card or direct deposit.


We believe that even though your loved one has been diagnosed with Younger Onset Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia, it may be possible to improve and enhance their quality of life.




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