“Diet” drinks linked to risk of Stroke and Dementia

February 26, 2021

Artificially sweetened soft drink consumption has been associated with a higher risk of stroke and dementia. We all know that too much sugar in our diet is bad for our health and that includes sugary soft drinks. But many reach for the artificially sweetened “diet” drinks thinking that it has to be a better choice than sugary soft drinks. Well it has now been proven that these...

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Is Dementia Avoidable?

February 12, 2021

Dementia is now a frequent topic of discussion in many Australian homes. There are two reasons why: it is the nation’s second leading cause of death, and it will affect every Australian family in some way. But what is being done about Dementia and those with Younger Onset Dementia? After official diagnosis, is adequate help being offered? One thing is for sure: Dementia patients and their fam...

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