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Memory Improvement Program

The Memory Improvement Program is specific for you

  • If your are concerned about your memory due to a family member having Alzheimer’s disease/ dementia ;   or
  • If you are starting to experience the occasional memory slips and are concerned that you may be getting Alzheimer’s disease/dementia.

The Memory Improvement Program is a comprehensive 12 Week one-on-one Program, which has been developed to identify the cause of your memory problem and to provide a Treatment Solution specifically for you.

The unique 5 Step Methodology of the Smart Brain Health Program was developed to address the Causes of memory problems of which there are many.

What we have found is that although the symptoms of memory problems are very similar, for example forgetfulness and foggy thinking, the actual causes of memory problems may be totally different from one person compared to another.

Therefore a unique comprehensive 5 Step Methodology is required to address the problem and provide a specific Treatment Solution for you.

The table below explains how the 5 Step Methodology works:

The Memory Improvement Program is unique in that there is no other Program available that has been developed to take a more proactive approach to memory problems.  This Program sets out to find the cause of each individual’s memory problem.


Investigate Problem

  • Step 1: Identify the Cause
  • Step 2: Avoid these Foods
  • Step 3: Testing

Find Solution

  • Step 4: Treatment and Prevention


  • Step 5: Lifestyle
STEP 1 - Identify the CAUSE
STEP 2 - Avoid These Foods
STEP 3 - Testing
STEP 4 - Treatment and Prevention
STEP 5 - Lifestyle

The Memory Improvement Program - 12 Weeks

I have found that one of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is memory problems.  If you have been concerned about your memory for any reason, now is the time to do something about it.  Time is the most important factor because as many do not realize with time, things do get worse, and not better if nothing is done about your memory problem.

There are many causes of memory problems, as I have found in my nine years of research, and some of these causes may be able to be treated.  I believe that there is hope, and that things can be done to improve your memory and brain health.

The Memory Improvement Program is very comprehensive and will help to identify the cause of your particular memory problem, and we will provide an individualised Treatment Plan and Prevention Strategy for you.

The Memory Improvement Program is individually tailored to address the cause of your specific memory problem and health issue, and provide your unique Treatment Plan.

This may include the following :

  • In-depth Questionnaire
  • Comprehensive Consultations
  • Nutritional Screening
  • Brain Health Assessment
  • Blood Tests
  • Case Analysis
  • Treatment Plan
  • Brain Training
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Follow-up Consultations

If you have been experiencing any memory problems, please do not ignore that they are happening.  By ignoring memory problems, they will only get worse.  As soon as you are aware that your memory is starting to slip, that is the time to take action and find out what is causing this to happen.

Now there is something you can do about it!

If you are interested in the MEMORY  IMPROVEMENT Program, we offer you a FREE  15 Minute phone call for any questions that you may have, and discuss whether this is the right Program for you.

We look forward to being able to help you improve your memory and brain health! 

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