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Prevention Program

Smart Brain PREVENTION Program

The Smart Brain Prevention Program is for you

  • If you are affected by Anxiety, Depression or other mood problems;
  • If you want to be proactive and learn how to improve your memory and brain health;
  • If you are starting to get a bit forgetful and want to do something about it.

The Smart Brain PREVENTION Program is a comprehensive one-on-one Program, which has been developed to identify the cause of your Mood and/or Memory problem and to provide a Treatment Solution specifically for you.

The unique 5 Step Methodology of the Smart Brain PREVENTION Program was developed to address the Causes of your Mood and/or Memory problems of which there are many. What we have found is that although the symptoms of memory problems are very similar, for example forgetfulness and foggy thinking, the actual causes of memory problems may be totally different from one person compared to another.

Therefore a unique comprehensive 5 Step Methodology is required to address the problem
and provide a specific Treatment Solution for you.




In order to get to know you and be able to understand your health conditions or problems, we ask you to complete a comprehensive Health Questionnaire. This Questionnaire will cover areas such as your health history, any medications you are taking, your present lifestyle and any concerns you may have about your present state of health. There are many health conditions that may contribute to or affect your mood, memory and brain health and so we need to obtain as much information as possible to be able to identify these causes of mood and memory problems.



What foods are you eating now? Do you know that some everyday foods you choose to eat may have a huge impact on your brain health?Many ingredients in packaged foods can also affect your mood or memory, sofinding out what is in your pantry will also help.



After your Nutritional Assessment has been completed, this is followed by a Nutritional Screening which can detect any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you may have, any hormone imbalances, allergies or intolerances. After careful analysis of your Questionnaire, Nutritional Assessment and Nutritional Screening, we put together a Customised Nutrition Plan specific for your needs.



You will receive your Customised Nutrition Plan which is a guide for the Treatment and Prevention of your present health conditions for you to follow. It will contain information sheets specific to your nutritional needs, nutritional supplements and other possible tools that may benefit your mood and memory, such as Brain Training or Homeopathic remedies.



A review of your existing everyday lifestyle is completed to see where improvements can be made. Your stress levels, any forms of exercise, are just a few of the Lifestyle changes that we look at, which can improve your mood, memory and brain health.

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Smart Brain Healthy Brain


The amazing results of Louise’s studies have been compacted into this 5 Step Guide that will enable you to improve your overall brain health and also address those occasional memory lapses that may occur in yourself or loved ones. Based on nine years of research, “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain” is packed with practical, easy to follow information.

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Louise Hallinan


Louise Hallinan is the International Award-winning Author of the book “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain”, and a fully qualified and accredited Natural Health Practitioner. Louise has recently been awarded “Highly Commended for Practitioner of the Year” in the ATMS and Nature & Health Awards 2016, as recognition of her work by the Natural Health Industry.

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