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How to Improve your Child’s Mood, Focus & Health

A child’s life is meant to be full of fun, happiness and good health. Over recent years though, it appears that many children are experiencing the opposite – anxiety, sadness and poor health. There are many causes for why this is happening. Discover how you can improve your child’s mood, focus and health.

This Workshop is specifically for Parents who want to know more about what is triggering mood and behaviour problems in their children.   Many children seem to be affected by :-

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • Poor Focus and Concentration
  • ADHD and/or Restlessness
  • Poor immunity 
  • Putting on extra Weight

There are many reasons and causes as to why this is happening to our Children.  Due to our modern, fast paced lifestyle, packaged foods have made it easy for you to feed your Child, are one of the causes of these health problems.

Topics covered in this  proactive Workshop are :

  • Causes of Mood & Behaviour problems
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Ingredients in Packaged Foods
  • Prevention

You will receive informative handouts with tips and ideas on how you can get started today to improve your child’s mood, focus and health.

You can book this Workshop to come to your School, Library, Community Centre, Office or Business within the Sydney area:

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After the Workshop:

After you have completed this Workshop and you feel you would like to have extra help and support to identify the Cause of your Child’s Mood, Focus and Health problems, then  The Smart Brain CHILDRENS Program is the next step to take after completing this Workshop.  

The Smart Brain CHILDRENS Program is a comprehensive one-on-one Program, which has been developed to identify the cause of your Child’s Mood, Focus and Health problems and to provide a Treatment Solution specifically for your Child.

Click here to find out more about the Smart Brain CHILDRENS PROGRAM.

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