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Smart Brain CHILDRENS Program

The Smart Brain CHILDRENS  Program  is a unique Program designed for children who need help with their Moods including Anxiety and Depression, Poor Focus and Concentration, ADHD and Restlessness and other behaviours.  


There are many reasons why children may be restless and can’t sit still, or have trouble focusing in class.  Some children may feel constantly anxious with very little relief or feel very anxious about specific things.  Other children may not feel particularly happy a lot of the time, and are sometimes labelled as being “depressed”.


What is happening with our children these days?  Why is it that so many children are affected with feelings of anxiety, sadness, or restlessness and are as a result, being prescribed medications for Anxiety, ADHD or hyperactivity, and Depression?


There are many reasons why your child may be feeling or behaving the way they are.  One of the many reasons why, due to the fast paced life we are living, may be the food your child is eating and/or drinking.  Diet plays a very big role in child’s health and wellbeing, mentally and emotionally.  Certain foods and ingredients in foods can really have an effect on your child’s brain health.


As parents, we are our child’s carer and are fully responsible for their physical health, mental health and wellbeing.  So it is very important to find out the reason why, if your child is affected by any type of mood problems like anxiety and/or depression, or if they can’t sit still, or have trouble with focus and concentration.


The fact is, many children are being put on lots of different types of medications such as Antipsychotics, Anxiolytics, Antidepressants, and Psychostimulants (ADHD) for their various mood and behaviour problems.  We must remember, that these are children, not adults, being medicated.  In many cases, there are simple, natural solutions which will have a much more beneficial result, with no side effects!


Statistics for Children  on  Medications

Here are latest statistics completed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2011) for different areas of Sydney reporting the numbers of children who are taking medications for these particular mood and behaviour problems.  Bear in mind, these are statistics in 2011 –  we are now in 2018.


                                                                        Central & Eastern           Northern Sydney         South Western          Western  Sydney           Nepean &                    Hunter, New England

                                                                                Sydney                                                                                Sydney                                                                      Blue Mountains                  &  Central  Coast

Antipsychotics                                                      300                                         197                                  419                                          235                                         159                                         894

Anxiolytics                                                                 36                                            –                                         59                                              –                                              –                                                  77

Antidepressants                                                  483                                         259                                   545                                          457                                         270                                     1,060

Psychostimulants (ADHD)                        2,123                                     1,678                              1,901                                       2,076                                    1,257                                     4,647




                                                                   Central & Eastern           Northern Sydney         South Western          Western  Sydney           Nepean &                    Hunter, New England

                                                                                 Sydney                                                                             Sydney                                                                    Blue Mountains                 &  Central  Coast

Antipsychotics                                                  1,348                                       819                                1,268                                 992                                         464                                          1,856

Anxiolytics                                                              548                                       211                                    561                                  415                                         230                                             849

Antidepressants                                               3,931                                  2,598                                3,660                             3,126                                     1,846                                          8,337

Psychostimulants                                            1,235                                   1,283                                    685                                 793                                         429                                          1,608

*Hypnotics /Sedatives                                     362                                       155                                   360                                  256                                         139                                             509 

*You will notice in this Age Group 15 – 24 years, there is another type of medication added – Hypnotics/Sedatives.

There is also a reduction in numbers from taking Psychostimulants (ADHD) but a subsequent increase of Antidepressants.


The Smart Brain CHILDRENS Program is a unique Program for Parents and Children where we will be able to uncover and identify the cause of your child’s anxiety, depression, ADHD,  behaviour problem, or poor focus and concentration problems.


As a result of being on this Program, by finding the Cause, and following your child’s unique Treatment Plan, your child’s overall health will be improved and they will be a lot happier!!


If you are interested in the Smart Brain CHILDRENS Program, we offer a FREE  15 Minute phone call for any questions that you may have.    

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