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  • 1Are you affected by Anxiety ?
  • 2Do you sometimes experience Depression ?
  • 3Do you have trouble with focus and concentration ?
  • 4Do you have a parent or relative diagnosed with Dementia ?
  • 5Is your poor memory affecting your daily life, work or career ?
  • 6Worried that you may be getting Alzheimer’s Disease ?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.  We are here to help you find the answers.

There are many CAUSES of memory problems and many of these causes may be able to be treated.

Here’s How We Can Help You

Smart Brain Healthy Brain

This International Award Winning Book is your guide to help care for your brain and improve your Mood & Memory

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Attend Workshops and Events to learn about how you can improve your Mood & Memory


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Smart Brain PREVENTION Program may help you find the Cause and Improve your Mood & Memory



Read about what is affecting your Mood, Memory & Brain Health and the latest Research



Louise Hallinan

Louise Hallinan is the International Award-winning Author of the book “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain”,  and a fully qualified and accredited Natural Health Practitioner.  Louise has recently been awarded “Highly Commended for Practitioner of the Year”  in the ATMS and Nature & Health Awards 2016, as recognition of her work by the Natural Health Industry.

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Smart Brain Healthy Brain

Smart Brain Healthy Brain

The amazing results of Louise’s studies have been compacted into this 5 Step Guide that will enable you to improve your overall brain health and also address those occasional memory lapses that may occur in yourself or loved ones. Based on nine years of research, “Smart Brain, Healthy Brain” is packed with practical, easy to follow information.

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